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🌍 The Small, Interconnected World of Maternal Health

Dear Friends, Family, and Birthworkers,


A warm welcome to all our new friends in the Wombs of the World (WotW) community. If you recently signed up for this newsletter, you've just embarked on a remarkable journey of personal growth, cultural exchange, and service to maternal health.


Wombs of the World and the WotW Foundation: A Quick Overview


WotW is not just an organization; it's a platform that connects compassionate birthworkers, advocates, and healers from across the globe. We operate in two branches, each deeply rooted in our commitment to improving maternal health outcomes. Our educational travel programs, under WotW, center around the belief that through travel and cultural immersion, we can make the strange familiar and the familiar strange. We bridge diverse worlds, learning and growing together as we share our collective wisdom. In parallel, our non-profit branch, the WotW Foundation, is dedicated to supporting our community project partners, preserving traditional knowledge, and sharing evidence-based education aimed at enhancing maternal health outcomes.


Two Unique Adventures: Ecuador and Tanzania


Our journeys take us to Ecuador and Tanzania, two destinations that may appear worlds apart but are bound by the common thread of maternal health and the unwavering strength of women. Ecuador offers a deeply spiritual and transformative experience, providing an opportunity for healing and learning from the sacred ancestral knowledge we're privileged to encounter.


In Tanzania, we immerse ourselves in a profoundly different world, stripped down to its rawest essence. Here, we bear witness to the resilience and fortitude of women and communities as we offer our hands, hearts, and open minds. It's an immersion in the essence of humanity, where our shared bonds shine through.

Scouting India: A Dream in the Making


Today, a small team from WOTW is headed to India to explore the possibilities of our next destination. India has been a dream location for us, and we're eager to delve into the realms of Ayurveda, perinatal yoga, traditional midwifery, and the myriad of ways in which motherhood is celebrated and supported. We also look forward to meeting with passionate activists dedicated to creating a brighter future for girls and women in the country. (I'll post a lot on Instagram so follow along @wombsoftheworld).


We continue to follow the green lights that guide our journey, and we can't wait to share more about this exciting exploration with you soon.

Thank you for being part of our community, for your passion for maternal health, and for your dedication to making a positive impact. Together, we are a force for change.


With Gratitude,

Charlotte and the WotW Team

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