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The Team

Meet the dedicated leaders behind the Wombs of the World Foundation. Our board is comprised of passionate professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience, expertise, and a shared commitment to improving maternal health outcomes globally. From gender economists and midwives to experienced doulas and public health specialists, our board members work collaboratively to empower, educate, and support birthworkers and communities. 


United by a common vision, they strive to create a world where every birth is celebrated, supported, and safe, honoring cultural practices and enhancing the wellbeing of mothers and babies worldwide. Together, they guide our foundation towards impactful initiatives, strategic partnerships, and meaningful change.

Interested in being a volunteer?

We always need more brilliant minds and hearts to help us bring this mission to life. We are planting seeds of change around the world and need more helpful hands to tend to all these ideas. 

Apply below to join our team of dedicated volunteers.

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