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Either as a volunteer, traveler, project partner, or sponsor. 

It is with more hearts and hands that we will revoluntionize maternal health


In our quest to revolutionize maternal health, we seek passionate volunteers who are ready to contribute their skills, time, and energy. Our volunteers form a vibrant web of individuals dedicated to making a significant impact in the lives of mothers and babies around the world. Whether you have expertise in education, fundraising, marketing, finance, or program development, your involvement can help expand our reach and deepen our impact.


Join us, and be part of a global community committed to improving maternal health through collaboration, innovation, and compassion.

Committees Seeking Volunteers


Become a Partner

Hospitals, midwives, and birthworkers around the globe, we invite you to collaborate with us. Both our LLC and Foundation are open to partnerships that aim to enhance maternal health care through shared knowledge, resources, and support.

Become a Sponsor

Your sponsorship can directly impact the lives of mothers and babies by supporting educational programs, community initiatives, and the preservation of traditional midwifery. Join us as a sponsor and be a part of a global movement to improve maternal health.

wombs of the world doula training

Travel with Wombs of the World

International Educational Programs for Perinatal Workers:

For birthworkers interested in educational travel programs, visit our dedicated website to learn how you can participate in hands-on learning experiences that bridge cultures and expand your professional and personal growth.

Together, we can create a world where every birth is supported by knowledge, compassion, and community.

Donate Today

Your donation can ignite the change needed to ensure safe, respected, and celebrated births around the world. Every contribution helps us provide vital education, support community-led initiatives, and preserve traditional midwifery practices. Let's unite to make a tangible difference in maternal health. Click to donate now and be a part of this global transformation. Together, we can save lives, one birth at a time.

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