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Empowering Birthworkers Through Education

At the heart of our mission lies a steadfast commitment to revolutionizing maternal health by empowering those on the front lines of birthwork. Our scholarship program and support for educational resources are designed to dismantle the barriers that many face in accessing quality education in midwifery, doula services, and obstetrics.

Expanding Access to Education

We recognize the critical role education plays in enhancing perinatal care and are dedicated to supporting a variety of educational initiatives, including but not limited to:

  • Training programs for nurses in underserved regions. (Tanzania)

  • Scholarships for indigenous women to attend midwifery school. (Ecuador)

  • Support for aspiring doulas to receive certification. (Worldwide)

  • Funding for individuals needing to pay for prerequisites before midwifery school. 

  • Funding for perinatal professionals seeking to grow their toolboxes. 

These initiatives aim to foster a global community of well-informed, compassionate caregivers capable of making a significant impact in their localities and beyond.

Eligibility and Application

Our scholarships are open to those who demonstrate a passion for maternal health and a commitment to using their education to improve birth outcomes. Whether you're an aspiring midwife, a nurse looking to specialize in perinatal care, or an experienced doula seeking further education, we invite you to apply. While our application process is currently paused, we encourage potential applicants to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on when opportunities will become available again.

By making education more accessible, we're not just addressing a critical need; we're contributing to a worldwide movement towards better perinatal care. Join us in this transformative journey.

Stay Informed 

We will let you know when our scholarship applications open back up.

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