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We have been working in the same region of Tanzania since 2018, establishing long lasting relationships with maternity clinics.

Now, the WotW Foundation is dedicated to supporting community-led initiatives to support better maternal healthcare. 


Maternal Mortality: As of 2019, Tanzania faces a high maternal mortality ratio of 556 deaths per 100,000 live births.

Global Context: The World Health Organization notes that 70% of global maternal deaths occur in Sub-Saharan Africa, with Tanzania being significantly impacted.

Geographical Challenges: The vast and rural geography of Tanzania makes accessing healthcare facilities difficult. Many expecting mothers must travel long distances for care, leading to delays and increased risk of complications.

Healthcare Facility Limitations: Even when care is reached timely, facilities often lack the necessary medical equipment, supplies, and infrastructure for emergency obstetric care.

Strategies for Improvement:

  • Infrastructure Investment: Enhance healthcare infrastructure to support emergency obstetric care effectively.

  • Professional Training: Invest in the training of healthcare professionals to improve the quality of maternal care.

  • Transportation Improvements: Develop better transportation systems to facilitate quicker access to healthcare facilities.

  • Prenatal Care Services: Strengthen prenatal care services to ensure expecting mothers receive consistent, quality care throughout their pregnancy.

  • Community Education: Promote education and awareness about the importance of maternal healthcare to encourage early and regular care- seeking behaviors.

Wombs of the World Impact Timeline

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"Every month, we see women and families whose lives are forever changed by the kind of care they receive—or don't. The difference between joy and tragedy often comes down to the presence of skilled and compassionate care during childbirth. This isn't just about numbers; it's about real lives, hopes, and the future of our communities."

Dr Heriel, Director of Karatu District Hospital, Tanzania

Looking Ahead

Improving birth outcomes is at the heart of our mission, with a focus on expanding neonatal care to address the high infant mortality rate in Tanzania. By funding supplemental training for hospital staff at the Karatu District Hospital and purchasing essential equipment for high-risk births, we aim to enhance care for distressed infants. Additionally, updating the model of care through evidence-based practices is critical. We plan to introduce workshops led by guest teachers on crucial topics like infant resuscitation and shoulder dystocia, while also providing scholarships for further education of hospital staff.

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