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Empowering Tradition and Wisdom

In the heart of Ecuador, we join hands with Martha and Luzmila Antonigo, a mother-daughter powerhouse dedicated to preserving the rich tapestry of traditional midwifery and indigenous healing. Through their wisdom and leadership, they are ensuring that the ancestral birth knowledge of the Andes continues to thrive in modern times.

Guardians of Ancestral Knowledge

In Ecuador, like many other places around the world, globalization has led to the erosion of vital perinatal traditions, as well as the loss of ancestral knowledge and cultural heritage. When perinatal traditions are devalued or lost, culturally competent care, which considers and respects the cultural beliefs, values, and practices of individuals and communities, becomes compromised. The absence of culturally competent care has negative consequences on maternal health outcomes as it can lead to decreased trust in the healthcare system, reluctance to seek or follow necessary care, cultural insensitivity in care practices, disruption of holistic care approaches, and failure to address the multifaceted needs of expectant mothers. This domino effect disproportionately affects marginalized communities, where cultural practices and traditions are often more deeply rooted.

Consequently, the loss of culturally competent care can contribute to maternal health disparities and inequalities, like higher rates of maternal morbidity, mortality, and adverse birth outcomes, among different racial, ethnic, and immigrant populations.

To mitigate these negative impacts, it is crucial to recognize and value the importance of perinatal traditions within diverse cultural contexts. Culturally competent care should be promoted and integrated into healthcare systems, ensuring that healthcare providers receive appropriate training and education to effectively understand and address the cultural needs and practices of the individuals they serve.

A Call to Preserve and Protect


“In our hands, we hold centuries of ancestral birth knowledge, understanding the depth of care that intertwines with the spirit of nature and humanity. The pedagogy and hierarchy of education must evolve—where medical doctors and traditional midwives learn from one another, recognizing the value each brings to maternal health. Wombs of the World has seen the significance of our teachings, aiding in the preservation and planting of our seeds of knowledge. It's a partnership where wisdom flows both ways, ensuring mothers everywhere receive the most compassionate, holistic care. This mutual exchange enriches us all, reminding us that every birth is a legacy of shared knowledge and respect."

Martha Arotigo, Traditional Midwife and total powerhouse in Cotacachi, Ecuador

Looking Ahead

By supporting the development of these projects, we contribute to a future where every birth is met with knowledge, respect, and the holistic care that every mother and child deserves. It's a partnership that enriches us all, reminding us of the profound connection between nature, humanity, and the enduring power of maternal wisdom.

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