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The World Needs More Midwives

Dearest Wombs of the World Community, 

Happy start to spring to those of you in the northern hemisphere. I hope this email finds you in a moment of peace. If your recent months have been anything like mine, you too constantly feel the heaviness of the world, you're juggling a bit too much, and desperately ready for a shift to the matriarchy.

Please take a moment to take a big breath. You are doing great. Please keep doing the work. We need you.


I invite you to geek out with me on some exciting developments.


  • New Dates for Ecuador & Tanzania

  • The WotW Foundation is seeking a new Board Member!

  • We are launching a new program in Oaxaca, Mexico!!!!!

  • The world needs more midwives

TANZANIA; If you have applied and waiting for dates to be released, you have top priority! If you are interested we encourage you to apply now and get the process started! 

New Tanzania Dates:

October 5 - 15 2024

Jan 11 - 21 2025

Feb 1-11 2025

May 3-13 2025


This program continues to evolve and deepen and we looking forward to you being part of it.

We have a few more spots to fill for our 2024 programs in Ecuador! 

April 17 - 27, 2024 (3 spots)

May 26 - June 6 ( 2 spots)

August 13 - 23 (1 spot)


This is an amazing program that offers an "intensivo". A deep dive into Andean birth wisdom. It is a deeply introspective and ceremonial experience.

If you hear the calling, we invite you to join us on this incredible journey of self discovery.


"I cannot begin to explain what a life changing experience this trip to Ecuador was for me. The healing and learning that I received was worth so much more than gold. I went in with expectations only to gain more knowledge of birthwork but left with knowledge of self. The feeling of being in community with so many great people and being welcomed into a culture as family was truly incredible. I really appreciated the cultural competence and respect shown by Charlotte & I can really say that the work being done here is going to change the world. I am excited to continue being in fellowship with Wombs of The World & look forward to many great trips in the future."

-Shani, November 2024

The World Needs More Midwives Recently, I met a young woman here, on the cusp of finishing nursing school, who, without knowing me, shared her dream of becoming a midwife. Without hesitation, I encouraged her, "Hazlo, hazlo. ¡Este mundo necesita más parteras!" (Do it, do it. This world needs more midwives!). Our conversation blossomed into a discussion on the profound magic of birthwork, the honor of supporting the sacred journey into parenthood, and the awe-inspiring moment when a mother is born. This work is the cradle of humanity, embodying the oldest of professions since we have, you know, all been born.

I have been having so many beautiful conversations recently where we dream up a different world. A world that is run by crones and grandmothers.


A world where the path to midwifery is accessible and straightforward. A world where birth spaces are designed to support the laboring woman. A world where new parents are given abundant support so they can healthily be present for their littles. A world without greed, without genocide, without single-use plastic.


Some of these dreams are big and involve a total deconstruction to rebuild, but others do feel tangible.

We need easier access to midwifery education. I have met so many incredible women eager to become midwives but held back by limited options, steep tuition fees, competitive acceptance, or literally no path to education. No path. Like no options. No schooling. In India, for instance, there is no such thing as an educational path to become a midwife. Versus in Tanzania, everyone who graduates from nursing school also receives midwifery education. They are all nurse-midwives. And that is great - yet the education itself is severely outdated.


Why is it that literally every single person on the planet is born and still these systems globally are so freaking broken?! The answer is simple - it is because this is, has always been, and will always be a "womens" issue, therefore systemically disregarded by our patriarchal structures.


I have said it before and this is a hill I will happily die on: I believe birthworkers are the foot soldiers in this revolution, the renaissance that we desperately need. Birthwork is undeniably political. We are the advocates, the witnesses, the planters of seeds and tenders of gardens. The holders of sacred keys. The catchers of babies! PRAISE THE MIDWIVES! Thank you thank you thank youuuu.


So, if you have heard the call for this work, even in the far distant part of the background chatter of your life, if you have an interest in this work - a fascination with birth - a love, love, love for babies - a desire to move mountains - PLEASE ANSWER THE CALL. We need more midwives, more doulas, more birthkeepers to rise together globally for this shift.


Together we are stronger, louder, fiercer.


¡Hazlo! ¡Hazlo! ¡Hazlo! ¡Hazlo!


-Charlotte & the WotW Team

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