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Revolutionizing Maternal Health - Birthworkers Rise!

Dearest birthworkers, friends, and family,


When systems are broken and continually fail to get fixed, it's time to revolutionize the system itself. BIRTHWORKERS RISE!


At the heart of every community, every generation, and every revolution, there is a mother. I want to share with you the pressing urgency and profound importance of revolutionizing maternal health.


In the United States, we face a maternal health crisis. We rank the worst among all developed nations in maternal health. These grim statistics are underscored by stark health disparities, primarily due to institutionalized racism. Alarmingly, 80% of maternal deaths in our nation are preventable. Alongside these dire outcomes, we grapple with the escalating costs of maternal and women's health care and a mounting assault on reproductive justice. And to top it off, about 1 in 5 mothers in the U.S. suffers from perinatal mood disorders, many times unnoticed and untreated.


Yet, I feel deeply inspired and hopeful. Birthworkers, including midwives, L&D nurses, family doctors, OBGYNs, and particularly doulas, stand as the torchbearers in this revolution. Through advocacy, education, and unyielding support, they are reshaping the birthing landscape, ensuring every mother's voice is heard and respected.


This revolution is pivotal. The ripples of maternal care extend far beyond birth. A mother's experience during her birthing journey and early motherhood impacts her child's attachment style, laying the foundation for the child's emotional and social well-being. By ensuring every mother is supported, and every child securely attached, we're building a compassionate and resilient society. Extending this ripple effect, birthworkers often serve as educators and advocates for reproductive health and justice. Educating women and girls about their reproductive health significantly aids... bear with me on this tangent... climate solutions. As stated by Project Drawdown, a comprehensive climate research initiative, educating girls emerges as a key strategy in battling climate change. This is because education empowers women to make informed choices about family planning and sustainability, thus slowing population growth and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. So, yes, I'm making a major jump to climate change here, but it's all connected. As we uplift and educate women and mothers, we also honor and protect our Great Mother, Earth.

Empowering the Frontline of the Revolution


At Wombs of the World, we deeply understand the significance of birthworkers in this transformative journey towards improved maternal health. Through our carefully curated programs, we strive to empower these torchbearers with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to shine even brighter in their roles. By joining our trips, birthworkers are not just broadening their horizons or acquiring new techniques, but they are actively participating in a global movement — a collective effort to uplift, educate, and revolutionize the maternal health landscape.


Now, more than ever, we invite you to be a part of this change. Our trips are not only experiences but pathways to impact, and they're filling up fast! If you've ever felt the call to dive deeper, to connect with a global community of birthworkers, and to be a part of a tangible solution, now is the time. Apply today, and let's transform maternal health, together.

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