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An Ode to Mothers from Birthworkers

To the Mothers of the World, we stand humbled and grateful,

Bearing witness to your raw courage, tender vulnerability,

sacred sacrifice, and profound elation.

We marvel at the strength within you,

and the miracle we have the honor of assisting.

We, your birthworkers, bow in reverence to you,

Thanking you for inviting us into your sacred moments of becoming.

We acknowledge the journey of parenthood,

the winding road leading you here,

A path often marked by tumultuous twists,

interwoven with strands of loss and grief,

Echoing the voices of generations past.

In you, we see the brave endeavor of healing the future,

Your love and devotion serving as a salve across time.

With each wave of change, we see the maiden evolve,

Unveiling a new being, a mother, radiant in her complexity.

From your womb springs the promise of tomorrow,

the seeds of our shared future,

In the paradox of motherhood,

you endure the longest days and cherish the shortest years.

We acknowledge the dual nature of motherhood,

the trials and the bliss,

The sweet lullabies whispered in the hush of sleepless nights.


This Mother's Day, we wish you both rest and celebration,

Healing and hope, if those are the gifts you need.

By nurturing you, the mothers, we tend to the world's heart,

For the world pulses with the rhythm of your enduring love.

And oh, what a world of boundless beauty you cradle in your arms.

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