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We are on a mission to improve maternal health outcomes globally by uplifting, educating, and connecting birthworkers.

Culture is dynamic, yet birth is a universal

WotW Foundation sees mothers as the backbone of society, deserving of comprehensive support as they embark on the journey into parenthood. Enter the birthworker: whether a doula, a midwife, or a traditional birth attendant, this role, while seemingly cutting edge in today’s society, is deeply rooted in ancient practices.


Our mission is to rejuvenate this age-old wisdom, to ensure that both births and mothers are held in the highest esteem, and that the next generation is greeted with love and readiness.


Supporting a mother, in essence, supports the entire community ecosystem.

Become a Monthly Sponsor

Donating monthly to Wombs of the World Foundation ensures the sustainability of our impact.

- More access to prenatal care in Tanzania

- Educational development in Ecuador

- Scholarships for birthworkers globally

Together, we can nurture a future where every birth is supported, safe, and celebrated.


Community-led Initiatives

Scholarships for those seeking to improve maternal health outcomes

Preserving Ancestral Knowledge

Making access to perinatal more accessible.

Core Objectives

Our goals are distinct and guided by the belief in making a tangible difference:


Supporting Community-Led Initiatives

We partner with local organizations in Tanzania, Ecuador, and beyond to enhance hospital infrastructure, preserve traditional midwifery, and support birth centers.

Our community-led focus ensures that projects are tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of each region.


Birthwork Scholarships

By offering scholarships, we aim to break down barriers to education and professional development for birthworkers globally. Whether it's training for a nurse in Tanzania, supporting indigenous women in Ecuador to attend midwifery school, or aiding birthworkers elsewhere, our scholarships foster a global community of skilled, compassionate caregivers.


Educational Resources

Developing and disseminating educational materials is crucial to our mission.

From guides for expectant mothers to training programs for healthcare providers, we aim to fill knowledge gaps and enhance the quality of maternal health care.

Our educational focus in each location is regularly evolving.

We are on a mission to improve maternal health outcomes globally by uplifting, educating, and connecting birthworkers.

Two Branches, Shared Roots

Wombs of the World Foundation is a complementary "sister branch" to our educational travel programs for professional birthworkers.

Traditional birthwork practices being demonstrated at a Wombs of the World workshop.
Maternal health workshop led by Wombs of the World Foundation

Travel with 

Wombs of the World Travel Logo

Are you a birthworker?

WotW LLC offers international immersive educational programs for professional birthworkers, aiming to deepen their understanding of diverse birth cultures and global perinatal practices. This mission is driven by a desire to embrace the lessons of travel and forge a powerful network of birthworkers worldwide, while learning new skills and spreading the vision of compassionate, evidence-based, perinatal care.

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